(Game) Tomo Gui

Release Year: 2011

Lewd imouto sadist Miku recounted a story to her big:
The little precocious seduced a boy that she had a crush on.
First she called him into the empty classroom. He was smart but
inexperienced. Miku seductively began to take his pants off…

An incredible new 3DCG erotic movie in the Kui (devouring) series!

40 cuts of animated 3DCG novel & video in application format.
OR enjoy 30 cuts across 14 WMV files!
A shy virgin boy gets totally seduced by Miku the depraved pervert.
Top quality scenes of handjob, kiss, fingers in untouched holes…

Series …Kui Series
Age Ratings
Doujin SoftwareAnimation
File Format
Executable File
with Voicewith Anime3D artworkwith Trial Versionreview
Girl Boy Shota

800MB or greater
.net framework 2.0

File size: 782.5 MB