Ankoku Marimokan Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka

Release Year: 2017

Year: 2017
Genre: jRPG, Anal, Big Breasts, Sex
Censorship: There are in the game (s) of distribution
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Language of game: English
System requirements: WindowsXP / Vista / 7/8/10, CPU: 1000GHz, Memory: 512MB, DirectX: 9, HDD: 600MB
The game does not require installation! Download and play!

 Kamikaze 1: Academy Battle Heroine
The latest release from the AVG series.
Can be enjoyed by those who have not played.
Will be enjoyed even more by those who have.
Kamikaze 2: Battle scenes that change meticulously
In battle scenes, the pose art will change relative to attack,
Defense, evasion, special attacks, sexual attacks!
Upon receipt of certain special actions.
If fully naked in battle and H animation will occur !!
Attempt to escape from the situation of despair.

* Kamikaze 3: Simple underling battles
All low level ZAKO are symbol encounters.
If you can defeat them in one blow.
If you find such battles tedious, by all means, use this technique.

Kamikaze 4: A defeat system that effects the environment
When defeated in battle.
Each time you are defeated, the H scene will change,
The state / appearance of the students too.
Some new H scenes may also be capable of occurring.

Dastardly traps and set up and waiting around every corner!

File size: 564.6 MB