(Game) Land section spats Farewell to Mikami chan

Release Year: 2015

Have you noticed in a uniform of a women’s athletic team?
I’d like to touch! I want to lick it!

Such clothes fetish servant also made more than 100 animations with after effects,
I made a full voice simulation game through the inner spats.

The treatment of my after-effects has been refined thanks to everyone, so that we can now implement many animations with a smooth and rich expression!

By clicking on parts such as chest and crotch with easy operation with only left click,
Actions such as licking, teasing a nipple, inserting a whistle, stimulating with an electric toothbrush are possible!

Depending on the degree of pleasure of Mikami-chan, expressions, voice, reactions, as well as crotch gradually get wet with love juice!

By combining over 100 kinds of animation, Mikami chan shows various reactions with your fingertips, so please enjoy various kinds of play!

Mr. Bakumi’s Music Studio in Amaka
Dear Voice, honeydorop

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Series name Amunemushima!
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin game simulation game
file format
With Voice Music with Music Animewith Trial Version Available
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