(Game) Wolf and Red Hooded Cum

Release Year: 2016

"Wolf and red rabbit" became ver2.0!

Update contents of this time (ver2.0) !!
Ver 2.0
Double the number of ejaculation scenes (19 41)
Changed so that the ejaculation scene being inserted changes according to the system of action.
In addition, some movies · Replacement of lines etc.
In the case of
Ver 1.1
Apart from the usual "Wolf and Red Hatchery Mode"
Added "Red Hooded-Chan Mode" which was reedited only to the voice of Red Hat’s width.
Each mode can be switched at any time with the button on the option screen.

Work content
· "Wolf and red rabbit chan" game body
· Binaural voice drama of Little Red Riding Hood (CV: Sawano Popular)
· Debug commands for busy people

Number of videos: 327
Inside, thirty-three types of clickable things such as finger insertion and piston.
Within, ejaculation movies are 41 types (more than version 2.0 added)

Number of still images: 99
The ethereal scene is a movie, but it is used in conversation scenes etc. before the etch.

Ookami-kun and Little Red Riding Hood, who live together in the forest of hesitation.
Little Red Riding Hood that a little wants,
Ookami-kun struggling for Little Red Riding Hood,
Heartwarming little making story!

Game Features
Heartwarming etiquette picking actions
Let’s choose actions and make them two.
Because they memorize new acts and situations each time they are etched,
Let’s do more and more and increase your action!

Toon shade closely approached the illustration without limit!
All CG under construction is 3D toon rendering!
An animated scene with voice!

Over 300 animations and more than 90 still images!
Ookami and Little Red Riding Hood, rich conversation and etch scene!
Even if you choose the same act, the flowing content changes,
Please try to make various etches for them.

Clickable etch
Some things can be moved by clicking at any time in action.
Insert fingers, piston as you want, and special things inside …?

Voice mode ver1.1 than installed
As an extra mode, in addition to the usual "Wolf and Red Hatchery Mode"
Red Hooded Charm ‘s Voice has been re – edited "Red Hooded – chan Mode" loaded.
* Each mode can be switched at any time with the button on the option screen.

Binaural voice drama
In the process, also includes the voice drama of Little Red Riding Hood (CV: Sawano Poplar).
With binaural recording full of realism, I will heal your heart.
By entering the password, you can listen without starting the game.

Fulfilling gallery function
Continuous playback is possible by freely combining favorite videos.
You can also turn on / off pre-etch conversation.

Full keyboard support
Adjust so that you can play comfortably with mouse operation and keyboard operation.
Even with the left hand only, you can do all the operations with just the keyboard.

More than 10 types of multi-ending
The ending will change depending on which action you choose.
Since the ending can be seen at any timing after the second week, you can enjoy various endings.

Debug command for busy people
For wolf-kun and red hoods-chan, those who do not have time
For those who want to watch only movies, you can get various effects
"Debug command" is carried.
Because wolf-kun and red rabbit are making adjustments so that they can play happily,
At first I recommend that you play normally.

Version upgrade information
Series name toon 3D animation game
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin game adventure game / Thun 3D animation game
file format
With Voice Music with music Animation 3D artwork w / Free Demo review
Female viewpoint Animation Shota Love Love / Aima Fantasy

Pentium 4 or higher recommended
1 GB or more is recommended
2 GB or more
WindowsMediaPlayer 7 or later

File size: 1.8 GB