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(Flash) Mercury Hunter

January 17th, 2017

Release Year: 2012

Become a and battle with Ami! "Erotic Kogashi" will increase by one for each round clear!
Make everything 24 pieces and put it down to your estrus-damn !

Break Sailor Warrior of justice with sex. IQ 300 ‘s honor student to a penis case.
The fight with the Sailor fighters and Dark King ? m was extremely frustrating.
So queen Queen of darkness comes up with a scheme. In the case of
Sailor warrior is also onna after all, it is good to put on a side as a crush to a prisoner of lust.
The first warrior chosen was Ami, a honor student beautiful girl fighter boasting IQ 300.
She was confined to the enemy ‘s hideout, hit by special suicides developed based on enormous data. In the case of
But do not defeat the Sailor Warrior and fight back, you will be able to fight a fierce battle of Yaru Ya Ra … ….!
While enjoying the resistance of the girl, prepared enough for the process of breaking slowly and destroyed
Please enjoy the dense enjoyment scene !!

1) Progress part is adventure form, battle part is RPG wind command · battle form!

2) Even if battle is said, the technique of the (player) is "sex attack" "sex spells" all sex or erotic system only!

3) Ami-chan kick or Maru rie Aquamist or counterpart’s counterattack is in serious mode!

4) Start from HP 50, level up with HP 100! (Round Clear) When returning to HP 0, it will be returned to the previous round.
Skipping in 10, 18 rounds in all 18 rounds, you will get free play with password, ending · clear!

5) "Horny attack" is only 1 at first, but it increases to 27!

6) "Horny attack" you got will be deployed in 27 advertisements (chapter) in anime + full voice in adventure format!

7) There are seven chapters that can have semen launch (finish) in "Horny attack"!
It can also be used with command · battle! The ballod becomes a button.

8) There are "Hot attacks", "Horny spells" and "One shot" in the command,
The framework and command number of "Horny Attack" will be "Clothes 5" "Naked Body 4" "Oppai · Zoom 7" "Position 7" "Simultaneous Insult 4"!
"Horny spells" will be 5 commands unique to magic, such as boosting, , matured female!
"One shot" is a command of skipping one to three rounds, returning from 1 to 3 rounds, or a one-shot game with only Atari and losing!

9) There are also bonus rounds. In the rounds of 1, 5, 9, 13 and 17, the establishment of "Horny spells" will be advantageous, and it will be a winning round!

10) This command · battle is an easy and simple game in which winning and losing is decided at that timing by clicking the skill button and clicking
"Horny spells" and "One shot" are arranged visualizing the victory and defeat lines, so it is possible to search for "Atari", narrow down, target game!
Hit position and losing position are round fixed so you can capture patterns!

11) As a whole flow, 1: adventure of "new attacks" acquired 2, command · battle,
3: Beryl to irritate Ami-chan who responds to the honor gradually becomes a female who is going to female estrus gradually
Skillfully led (Adventure progression)

12) Depending on the adventure branch, let Beryl estrus and make himself committed, you () betray Beryl,
It is also possible to insult …

13) We recommend you a free trial version with descriptions of easy-to-understand videos!
For more details, "MANUAL" in the free trial version, explains the strategy and so on!

Age designation:
18 ban
Work format:
Doujin game
Adventure games
/ Battle RPG wind command · battle, progress adventure · game
file format :
Supported OS:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

With voice
With music
With animation
3D works
Trial version available
With review
Transformation Sailor suit

Pentium 1.6 GHz or higher
512 MB or more
1 GB or more free space

File size: 971.3 MB

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