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(Game) Otome female warrior edition which fights against rough and mercenaries

January 2nd, 2017

Release Year: 2011

"There is something I want to ask you."
When I was at the bar at the end of the lodge, a man in the arm sitting like that and sat down in the seat opposite.
"I want you to pick up the price on your right hand"
When silently touched the rest of the , the man raised his left hand and called his servant.
"Give two of the same thing"
"If you catch, tell me why, it’s not my job"
The man looked surprised, but he nodded slowly.
"I do not need to catch. I want the little girl who went away without stinging the end to tell me the severity of the world a bit."
"… …."
"As a reward … …."
Distorted grin and lips to men’s common sense out of common sense.


Skill changes according to items to equip
4 common skills + 7 additional skills
16 kinds of items are available
(23 types including default items)
Auto text, backlog function
Save and load function
Gallery mode installed


There is a possibility that a version with the defect corrected will appear.
We recommend that you purchase it in a downloadable form.

Bug fixes and etch during battle increased, ver.1.1.0 is the latest version.
Save data of Ver.1.0.0 can be used as it is.

Series name: Maiden fighting rough and mercenaries
Age designation:
18 ban
Work format:
Doujin game
Adventure games
/ H Battle
file format :
Supported OS:

Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista

With music
3D works
Trial version available
Polygon Warrior Fantasy made made / made Blonde

Pentium or later
65536 colors (TrueColor, 16 bit) or more

File size: 79.4 MB

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