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November 29th, 2016

Release Year: 2016

The elf was shipwrecked on an island of criminals, inhumans and ghosts.
Furthermore, a dragon-god called the Leviathan was preventing her escape.
Somehow she needs to defeat it and get out of here!
Using everything at her disposal, including her body, she might survive!
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female , Elf, Big Breasts, Handjob, Titsjob, Blowjob, Monsters
Size: 137 MB
Censorship: Is
Developer/publishing house: TechnoBrake
Platform: PC/WindowsVista/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn’t required
Version: 1.00
Game language: Japanese
Interface language: Japanese

File size: 138.6 MB

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