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(Game) Women taken off on TV

November 15th, 2016

Release Year: 2014

The largest television station in Japan, ES TV.
To this television station that produced many stars, a lot of candidates wearing a celebrity come along today.

If it gets popular at this TV station, you can make a big break …!
Embracing such a dream, the program performers are constantly going after.

That station produced only the erotic program, which shriveled shame to the limit …!

Human cannon

A girl in a bikini put in a cannon.
It is skipped many times until the crowd reaches a certain amount of cheers. Her fate is … !?

Comedy contest

A comedian who can not laugh.
She will be performing tricks with hakodaka, solemnly just to take a laugh …!

Strip matchmaker

A woman who can not get married, a cliff.
In order to marry a rich man, you will be able to appeal your nakedness …!

Water cavalry fight

A water cavalry fight challenging with a bikini.
Her swimming suit keeping her hat stripped little by little …!


A reporter who headed for the baseball team victory.
She has been exposed to the whole body of …!?

Dokki naked dance

Do actresses dance in Hakodaki to get the heroine role !?
With such a human observation like that, the action she took …!

Mischief quiz

Which girl is being misled by the shadow?
In a girl’s ass that endured not to be bald is being mischievous, the gimmick is outrageous!

Challenge! Violin performance

Can violinists continue playing without missing?
The scissors stretches to her clothes that works hard!

Balloon Quiz

Can you answer the quizz by the time the balloon cracks !?
Balloons put in bathing suit swell little by little …!

Bridge Challenge

A bridge that challenges with Burma.
In her clothes that endure the time limit, the presenters put on hands …!

Bikini Tsunagi

Bikini only with a tie.
The bikini will unravel so much as to desperately pull it …!

Hot spring athletics

Athletic challenging with a towel.
With rules that can not be met without taking the ball, she opens the towel inconveniently …!

Nude hot spring report

Hot spring reporter.
She was tossing off the bath towel to make it impossible to move on the report!

A total of 13 shame show!
Of course all heroines are full voice!

Can your crotch be able to endure !?

Age designation:
18 ban
Work format:
Doujin game
Adventure games
file format :
Supported OS:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

With voice
With music
Trial version available
With review
Shame big dick

File size: 165.0 MB

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