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HGame -April 1, 2016 enkoukafe

November 2nd, 2016

Release Year: 2016

Supported OS Windows Windows:Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Genre: Schoolgirl Big Tits Girls With Glasses Horny Blowjob

In a cafe having a large selection where Schoolgirl, Shiori Kawaguchi was recommended to the friend of the class liking comics
Came to go, and dozens of Tsuitsui was absorbed in reading a certain long piece on that day, and entered the private room booth until late time.

When took off headphones, and appeared in the passage to fetch some from a bar
Hear indecent vocal music of the Koto which I heard only in fiction.
The master of the shameful voice of the So was a thing of classmate, Kanako Fukuhara which introduced this shop to her.
A chest is caressed, and, as for the Shiori, Kanako pants from the Sukima of the partition separating a private room booth and the passage,
Look a series of scenes to serve a penis in the face afterwards.

Put comics in order in a hurry, and it is decided that saw nothing; and with a bare unconcerned air a cafe
Were the Shiori which is going to leave, but the Kanako hails such a Shiori, and say a share of "enkou", and hand a ten-thousand yen bill.
It is said that the visitor of the Chuunen office worker paid an act that I am seen in Shiori as an optional rate.

File size: 969.3 MB

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