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October 20th, 2016

Release Year: 2016

Year: 2016

Genre: Big tits / DFC, Sci-Fi, Robot, Striptease, Masturbation, Outdoor, Blowjob, Paizuri

Platform: PC / Windows

Game Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: WinXP / Vista / 7/8/10 HDD: 435MB
Description: Hero – technician created humanoids. According to him the idea was created humanoid "Lily", a sample of the most beautiful girls. But one day, during the transmission of intelligence data model fails and memory loss occurred. True Lily development was continued and completed. Lily opened her eyes. But her memory content has been lost, "someone". She knew only one thing. "Hibiscus, catch." The hero was seriously puzzled by this obviously abnormal situation. However, Lily eagerly begged him to allow her to fulfill her goal. The hero was moved by her words, and let her tell all she knows, to know the truth about the mysterious "Hibiscus".

Hero of waiting for an abundance of love and sex with the heroines! Lily and Azalea, too, is even nothing ?!

File size: 479.7 MB

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