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(Game) Knight of Mahime 2

October 20th, 2016

Release Year: 2014

Work Overview
Previous work, will be the sequel of "Knight of Mahime".

This work is the simulation RPG.
To manipulate the hero or and sub character, let’s defeat the enemy may come.
Fight against fellow and a lot of enemy generals of the total of 12 people will be the main.
The level up, Advances, that are brought close on the map a fellow
Get support effect, making full use of morale effect go up by defeating the enemy, let’s confront the huge enemy.

Flow of etch events
Event occurs when you win the battle in every map.
Or lead the to the happy end in the selection of in the event, determined but lead to butt end.
After the game clear you can see all of the events.
There is no such defeat etch event of combat.

The main changes from the previous work
• In the previous work can be selected and used freely skills other than "pray"
Could not, but we increase the skills that can be some use

– Combat and in order to carry out a conversation in speedy, was in shape to reduce as much as possible the waiting time, and the like.

· Combat additions have been made of the easy mode for the weaker.
(There is no effect on the story)

· Morale function
Fall and fellow is dying, status of morale to go up and fight with the enemy has been added.

System information

Combat stage 23 map.
CG is basic 31 sheets, will be 124 sheets, including the difference.
Screen will be 800×600 or full screen.

I tried to get the whole world, the "Kijikofu" of the prime minister of Giruwea
Peace in the world visited by the defeated along with the devil of the princess, "Alina", "Ridiru Shogun".

Had joined the war, the main character, "Thomas" is to enjoy the peace visited
I decided to return to his hometown.

However, to return to his hometown, and "Ririna" is helping the orphanage that is run,
Incident to kidnap the in Matereto region inhabited by "Thomas" was frequently.

Bandits who kidnap the , introducing himself as Giruwea empire, similar in each country
It committed the crime.
Countries to lead the "Dibuto countries" in order to overcome this difficulty
Created the Allies, it was declared war on "Giruwea empire".

People and their families who will be caught, you try to Nigiro the on the alert and hegemony
Including the third , "Thomas" or is safely, cut – to protect the family and friends?

We offer a trial version for operation check.
Save data will inherit
Thank you to always confirm the operation before making a purchase.

Date of sale: 02 May 12, 2014
Last updated: 04 May 14, 2014
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie game
Role-playing game
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8

There is music
Yes Reviews
Fantasy Netora been insult slaves hypnotic brown tan

File size: 272.6 MB

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