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(Game) Sea World

October 15th, 2016

Release Year: 2015

There is talk of another world that all there is no land is covered by the sea.
The world of human beings had been living in a floating island and shipboard made in partnership with all tree called a colony.
In soil and fresh water is very expensive luxury goods, all the living are living day-to-day in the primitive standards.
Human beings living in the colony hate to have a chat with the man who yo are closed.
And there is a world dominated by violence mighty who oppress the weak.
Presence, which is called the sea of ??the gang, pirates are rampant in my person face.
The pirates took the food hit the colony and the other ship, a man is , go kidnapping the girls.
Hero while there is such a world was the outlaw to live carefree.
Freedom also gain public notoriety even attacked the colony in reverse through the justice and fight off pirates come hit every day.
Also a hero in the action as well get used to the devil. There is of such a world.

how to play
Select the three characters and start the game, you can start the game.
Each character appearance, initial item, but there is a difference of attribute values, etc.
Woman hero will cause further H scene in the defeat to pirate (unlike male hero H scene in the private ships and colony raid and the inn does not occur in reverse)
Please be tentatively at first try to move to the north After selecting a character.
I think that as soon as possible to find the colony.
Colonies can be done to prepare the like of the journey here with something like a town.
This game is the sea is the stage. But mark you do not go because there is no appropriate … and.
Mapping is necessary precisely because the sea. Position of the colony, the position of the boss pirate ship, has become fixed at all, such as scenery coordinate.

scene occurs in a variety of situations.
– Fight in the defeat of the pirate
– Escape in the fellow was overthrown situation
Stay at an inn in-good attribute situation
– Attacked the colony
– Hit the civilian ship

Version-up information
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie game
Role-playing game
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8

There is music
3D Movies
Girl dressed as a man SF parallel insult slaves

6.1 or more

File size: 427.7 MB

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