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(Game) 2 goblin sherry – newly-married couple life

September 27th, 2016

Release Year: 2016

Easy da – Rin has been always angry!

"Be seen in auu, other people"
With "se, at least incantation of the clearing the room of people"
Be ashamed of nude with the outside…There gets wet…
To "master"… oitaoshita… To a bitch…
Omission 0 of master in heating it… Please make punishment!

Please enjoy the point in main part from Koko!

Game Summary
This theme wants to see various sherry!
By a next time questionnaire held in circle HP,
A sherry sequel is decided!

After time of two years, the sherry of all came back by the super volume!

Main part is three parts of [night punishment (collar lead)] [honeymoon (SUQQU water)] [newly-married woman life (Naked Apron)]!
A sherry attack, icharabu, punishment and three different users expected it
Prepared a lot of sherry!

If, in Sara, goblin sherry 2 can have a favorable reception later,
Examine the additional scene.
Plan "tool Sex" "Anal Sex" for the moment.

The main part more than two hours! The super volume more than the twice the previous work!
Characters Voice-Over Maine heroine sherry position is Daisen Chiroru sequentially!
During Sex, the Daburu Voice-Over system listening to a voice of the Kokoro of sherry indulging in a gasp and pleasure is in good health!
Please enjoy the illustration shade 3D H game fourth that you powered up in Sara
The multiangle system which can be idle by the various physique in Koto to touch in sherry!

The scene
Footjob, Aibu (kiss, breast attack, breast tray, ma co), Blowjob, missionary position, Cowgirl, back

Newly-married woman life
Rape service (Handjob, Blowjob) of the morning, Shi and, a missionary position, Cowgirl, be gone back

Night punishment!
Deep Throat, 69, missionary position, back

Before the purchase
I would like movement Chiekku by a trial version before the purchase by all means.
By the situation, enough support may not be possible. Please be forewarned.

In addition, because, in WindowsXp, support of Microsoft was finished
If a trial version works, may work,
The support that this place is enough for may not be possible. Please be forewarned.

Use time limit

Data Size

Game Genre
Others (3DCG Animation H game)

Goblin sherry



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Miniskirt Series
Naked Apron
Free Trial
Video & Animation
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Supported OS

System Requirement
A CPU: More than recommended Core2Duo 2.2GHz
Memory: More than recommended 1GB
An HDD: More than recommended 8GB

File size: 3.5 GB

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