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Bad End Hospital

May 4th, 2016

Release Year: 2016

Young Hinata Tsujimiya woke up in a hospital bed.

She ventured into the hallway, but, was attacked by a rotting corpse.
A lady doctor named Reika Ohata appeared and saved her.
"There’s been a viral outbreak. You’re infected, too," she informed the girl.
"Get to Professor Edward in the basement, he might be able to help."
Hinata was all for it. She wanted to get the hell out of here…

Evade and occasionally fight creatures, with one goal: escape.

There are weapons and items throughout the hospital.
Use what you can, but don’t be a hero. There’s no leveling up.
There’s just you, the enemy, and somewhere an exit.

It does little good to get into fights; you should try not to be seen.
Go stealthy and stay healthy, using the layout of the hospital to evade zombies.
But, there are times when confrontation is your only choice.

Failed battles or giving up will reward you with an H scene.
Situations are mainly interspecies sex (/zombie), but also milking, birthing…
(Warning! There is pregnancy, futanari and cross-section views in this game.)

– Turn-based battle with commands
– Weapons have limited use before they break
– Items provide advantages
(Evade enemy warnings and strike back for a critical hit for high damage)

Successful actions are rewarded (such as a successful attack),
while mistakes are punished (such as failing to escape).
There’s a cumulative negative effect on your options from mistakes:
you will find it harder to fight, and you won’t be able to escape as easily.
Meanwhile you can become sexually delirious. If you do, you skip turns.
Search areas to recover health, and find items and access areas.

File size: 373.7 MB

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