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Shion HD PXY 10042 English

March 15th, 2016

Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime

At the abandoned school, Shion asks where number 13 is and tries to fight the Cat Geist. The Lizard Geist shoots out bolts of electricity stopping her. He starts to claw and cut Shion but all of a sudden he is cut in half!! Hiroki changed into the Wolf Geist and then kicks and the Lizard Geist. Both of them enter the room where Lydia is. She is still being constantly fucked and giving birth to babies!! Shion frees her but Lydia wants her to end it and Shion has no choice since she is already to far gone by the abuse. Shion takes her armor and she will continue to fight.

Yukiko Misuzu appears and Shion wants her to give Hiroki the antidote to the venom. She hugs then kisses him! Shion is not happy at all and wants to catch her but she says that he’s already cured by the kiss. She asks what Yukiko Misuzu is up to now and she says that she just wants to be Hiroki’s sex slave!!! She wants Shion to join them but she can’t since she is breed only to hunt Geists. All of a sudden, Yukiko Misuzu falls over onto the floor and the mysterious four woman and the guy teleport in. It’s Infinity, the leader of the Dolls and Shion’s master. He says that Shion has failed and now he is made to catch Hiroki. The girls surround both of them and Infinity raises his gun. Hiroki mentions that it’s time for her to go yet when Infinity fires his gun it misses and Shion stabs Infinity right into the chest with her claws him. The four woman teleport out with is body as Hiroki asks if she is ok and that she only wants him to hold her. Yukiko raises herself off the floor and they ask her why she isn’t . She survived the blow by injecting a healing solution into herself. Now the only thing she wants to do is be Hiroki’s sex slave! Shigeru Otahara flies in and wants to join in on the fun and Shion slices his wings off.

A month later, everything in the school was normal and the rumors of the old school building made everybody stay away. Back inside, Yukiko Misuzu is bound to the wall dressed in pantyhose and a small bra that is trying to contain her huge breasts. Hiroki is sitting behind Shion and takes off her top and starts to massage her breasts while Yukiko watches! Shion pussy is dripping cum from her panties as Yukiko struggles in the chains and wants to be fucked. Shion grinds the chain on her pussy and then cums. Yukiko’s pussy is leaking on the floor as both girls cum. Shion asks what’s next and Hiroki mentions his new powers and that he can control certain things. The balls on the floor shoot out that cover her body in slime and bind her tits. Yukiko cries out that she wants to join in and he tells her it’s not her turn yet. The get inserted into her cunt and fuck her. Hiroki finally rewards Yukiko and sends the that her massive tits then pull down her panties and a massive cock fucks her cunt. Another one slips into her asshole and she gets double fucked while squirting cream. Her mouth gets a also and more enter her cunt and ass. Yukiko starts to cum then shoots out a massive pee stream into the air as Shion sits down on Hiroki’s cock and rides him. Both girls cum and Hiroki places both girls on the floor with their asses in the air. Both girls want to be fucked and Shion teases him to fuck her. go into both girls holes and two jack off Hiroki’s cock at the same time! The cum deep inside both their holes at the same time!

A month later, Shion is outside of the school and Infinity teleports right in front of her and mentions she didn’t truly catch him! He knocks her down and says that he will catch the Wolf Geist as tears flow from Shion’s eyes…..

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 30:03
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 568.7 MB

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