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Shion HD PXY 10031 English

March 13th, 2016

Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime

Miko places Shion on the ground and the Wolf Geist swipes the Slug and it. Two woman with staffs phase in front of the school followed by another two. They detect Dolls in the area and another figure appears saying that one of them has been destroyed and they will see what Number 7 does and they will continue the search for Miko. They all teleport out of the area.

Back at Hiroki’s room, Shion is awake and she explains that he can control the power he has. He tells her that after the Slug Geist he wanted to fuck her badly. She offers herself to him since she has already been and that she still has the venom in her body. He grabs her massive tits and plays with her nipples teasing them. Her pussy is dripping cream as she cums. He licks her wet pussy then starts to finger it. She cums from the finger banging then she notices she has a collar around her neck and he’s holding the chain. Hiroki says she is his sex slave now and puts his cock inside her cunt. His cock gets bigger and bigger as he fucks her pussy. He cums inside her cunt and then Shion makes her get into cowgirl and fucks her again until he cums again. He wants her asshole next, but inserts a rolled up magazine into her cunt first then slips it into her butt. Cum is draining out of the magazine as she gets fucked in the butt. He cums inside her asshole and both collapse on the bed. Shion wants to fuck again but they will be late for class!

At the school, students are talking how Shigeru Otahara has disappeared and they think he went to the abandoned school. Hiroki gets called to Yukiko Misuzu room again. She’s waiting for him and wants to continue what they did yesterday and goes for his cock. He makes her stop since Shion is now his. She bites him on the neck and mentions that he will become a Geist in 24 hours. He falls to the floor and she says that she is actually like him. She’s a Snake Geist!!! The venom is working through his body now and she wants him to change into Miko. The other side effect of the venom is that he will be under her control! Hiroki doesn’t think so and looks at her with his eyes and she instantly starts to her own body as he looks on. Shion wonders where he is and why it’s taking so long. Hiroki makes Yukiko blow him and cums down her throat. He says he has to pee and she gladly opens up her mouth and he pisses down her throat!!! She swallows it all! Yukiko is now on a bed in the room and he eats her out starting with her pussy then moves to her asshole. Yukiko can’t hold back and wants him to fuck her asshole. He fucks her butt then he asks where he can cum. She wants it in both her pussy and ass! He pops a load in her butt and pulls out. She shoots out the cum all over the bed and he puts his cock into her cunt. Shion enters into the room and sees Yukiko on the bed covered in cum and Hiroki on the floor. Yukiko says to Shion that she can tell she is his sex slave and jumps off the bed and escapes. Hiroki wakes up and Shion tells him they need to find them and a voice from the room tells them where they can find them. It’s Shigeru Otahara in fly form! He says that he will help since Hiroki is the leader of the Geists. The three of them enter the abandoned school and meet up with the crazy looking teacher who changes into the Cat Geist and that he can show them her Doll friend only if they can defeat him!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 30:15
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 474.6 MB

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