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Shion HD PXY 10025 English

March 13th, 2016

Release Year: 2016

Hiroki is on the ground and the woman says to him that he will end his life right now. She rises into the air and is about to catch him as the trench coat guy saves Hiroki! The guy is a lizard creature and says that this Doll won’t be able to catch him. She releases a craw from her arm both of them fall to the ground. The lizard guy is while she is knocked out. Hiroki is not sure he should help her but he does anyway.
At the school cafeteria, Hiroki is staring at the same girl he saved. She is dressed in a school outfit and mentions she won’t catch him…for now. Her name is Shion and that she was sent to earth in order to hunt Geists that are from another dimension. Hiroki mentions he has changed since he was infected by Geist sap and that Shion will watch over him until he changes. Hiroki says that swimming class should begin soon and Shion asks "swimming"?

At the pool, the guys are all watching Shion. She is wearing a swimsuit and they can’t take their eyes off her amazing body and massive tits. It seems that all the students know her and this is only her first day. The swim teacher is Yukiko Misuzu and her tits can hardly be contained in her white swimsuit. She poses for the class and Hiroki remembers she filled her mouth with his cum. Shion ask him if he’s changing into a Geist since the side effects are destruction and sexual pleasure. Yukiko walks over to Shion and asks who the new student is. Miho Kodaka says she’s Hiroki’s cousin. She says that she has a great body but it takes certain talent to express it The two girls start posing in sexual positions but the head of the School enters and stops it. She knows that Shion doesn’t belong her and tells her to leave. Shion pulls out a tube and sprays her in the face that changes her attitude. Shion wants him to meet Hiroki after school.

Lydia is suspended above the floor and is getting fucked in the mouth, pussy and ass as the Cat Geist looks on. She will be the woman of the babies and pushes a ball of slime out of her cunt and a ball falls to the floor. Cat Geist can’t help himself and starts to fuck her while she is getting by the and pops a load into her slimy pussy.

Shion and Hiroki are walking towards the abandoned school building and he mentions that some people have disappeared from here and it’s . Shion is looking for Doll 13 and she thinks she is in the building. Hiroki’s so called friend Shigeru Otahara meets up with them. Shion detects something coming from him and changes into her battle suit as Shigeru changes into a huge Slug Geist! Pushing Shion out of the way she saves him from the Slug but she got hit with a dart of poison. The slug takes Hiroki and smashes his body into a tree and a branch goes through his body! The slug is not done with her yet and starts to lick her pussy with it’s huge tongue. It attaches to her body injecting venom into her so she will be more willing to please him. The slug her body then inserts his massive cock into her mouth then cums and the sperm drains all over her body! The slug creature then slimes her pussy and rips open her suit. It only inserts its into her asshole expanding her stomach with and slime. The slug doesn’t last long and pumps a gallon of cum into her ass. The slug looks over and Hiroki’s body is gone and a huge figure grabs Shion and catches her. She mentions that it’s Miko, the leader of the Geists!!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 29:25
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 548.0 MB

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