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and Witches PXY 10056 English

March 12th, 2016

Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime

Ichirou Tachibana is looking through a hole in a wall watching his teacher Yuuko Morino perform a dark magic spell. All of a sudden her breasts expand and pop out of her shirt and her clothes are torn off and replaced with a reveling catsuit! Ichi can’t believe his eyes but there is someone behind him. She gives him a boot to head knocking him down. He falls backwards starring up at and blond girl in a similar white catsuit then passes out.

Outside of the school, Yuuko and other students are playing dodge ball. Ichi gets nailed in the face with a ball and falls to the ground. Yuuko is concerned and runs up to him but a shoe his slammed to his head. The blond girl is Lily Rames and she thinks Ichi is a pervert! She presses her shoe against his face again disciplining him. Back to the present, Ichi wakes up and sees that Lily is wearing almost the same outfit as Yuuko. He asks her if she’s trying to peep at Yuuko and she slaps him. Ichi wonders if Lily has a witch fetish but Lily corrects him that she will be her apprentice. Lily pulls out a charm card and says she will destroy him. She starts to cast magic on him and points the card at Ichi and a light hits him.

Ichi wakes up again with Lily and Yuuko above him. Ichi starts to freak out looking at his hands. Lily didn’t expect Ichi to turn into a monster. Yuuko explains that the only way to reverse the effect is for him to have sex with witches!! Yuuko is rubbing her pussy and her massive tits. Ichi decides that he will her and shoot his seed into her! He shoots out his covering her body and lifting her up. The massage her breasts and one of them shoots a spray into her face. The monsters semen turns woman into sex slaves!

He inserts a into Yuuko’s mouth and face fucks her while the other are working on her massive tits. More move towards her pussy ripping the fabric away. Mini invade her pussy then a massive one slips into her cunt. Ichi moves her into a different position as another massive sprays precum all over her pussy. Yuuko screams as thin spread open her asshole then another cock enters her asshole. Yuuko gets double fucked as Ichi turns her over. Yuuko mentions she is breaking apart as the cum inside both her holes expanding her stomach! The cum keeps flowing side her as it drains outside her pussy. Yuuko passes out and he drops her to the floor with rivers of cum coming out both her holes. Ichi starts to slap her ass making her release more of the cum. Yuuko stops him with a spell and he turns back into a human.

The next day Yuuko notices that Ichi now has a horn on his forehead. Yuuko mentions that it’s a side effect from last night and Lily doesn’t like it. Yuuko talks to the class that Ichi had an illness and that everybody should be understanding. Lily drags him out of class and brings him into a dark room. She changes into her witches outfit and wants Ichi to fuck her. It’s her fault he became a perverted monster and she needs it bad. His expand and lift Lily up into the air spreading her legs. A massive cock moves in front of her and is all ready leaking cum. Lily is shocked as the pheromones hit her in the face then a massive cock moves in and enters her pussy. She screams as it fucks her right up to her womb. Lily asks why he is using her womb like a toy. Ichi doesn’t last long and cums directly into her womb. Lily’s stomach expands as it is filled with cum. She falls onto the floor and rivers of cream run out of her cunt deflating her belly. Multiple cocks come near her body and shhot cum all over. Lily calls him a nasty pervert as she tastes his cum then sticks out her tounge!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:28
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3259kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 699.9 MB

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