Story schoolgirl

Release Year: 2015

Release Date: 2015
Genre: ADV, Teacher, Married Woman, Netora / NTR, CreamPie, was conceived, Uniforms, X-Ray, Virgin

Platform: PC / Windows7 / WindowsVista / WindowsXP / Windows8
Language games: English
Minimum System Requirements:
 CPU Pentium3 1.3GMHz :: RAM 512MB ::
 VIDEO 128MB :: DirectX Ver9.0 :: HDD 1.0GB ::

 miracle …… and nightmare happened love to a single middle-aged teacher of amateur virgin! !
Active high school girl of bride, Yukino and high school teachers and the earth that are sending love love married life.
Once the earth is known to school side lose their jobs, from the fact that Yukino could lead to dismissal,
In Futari to nurture secretly love to while concealed around the hands of the devil attacked!
The Yukino known the secret to bad On’naguse Twink boys, Hiroto,
In order to protect the Futari of love, and hold out the flesh in tears.
At school who works the earth, at his home in the kitchen, … in the couple’s bedroom
In go Yukino that familiar with Les flops and intravaginal ejaculation unforgiving of shame to be repeated.
Before long, … it caused a serious change in the Yukino of the body again and again committed to Hiroto! !
When the baby wife while you do not know it was learned that had been humiliated, what to do to the earth! ?

File size: 621.8 MB