Gravity Fighter Ver1.01

Release Year: 2015

This time, the theme being explored is "gravity", as in ragdoll physics applied to a surreal game world where you destroy cancer cells that look like women. Gravity Fighter is Ero x Fighting x Driving x Action. It is weird! And good.
You’re bound to feel a few things when you: – tumble someone from tall heights – scatter everyone with a hand grenade blast – fire blindly into a flock of enemies with a gun – ramp a car into a gigantic woman – throw someone into someone else – rocket-launch a bondaged and dildoed lady…
Unreal, heinously absurd action that’s fun to blow off steam and play with the physics. This is stylish, dynamic action that nobody has experienced before. Download and enjoy!

PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7

File size: 489.2 MB