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KO’shite FUCK’suru – Hentai Blog

KO’shite FUCK’suru

Release : Dec/31/2012

Ecchi Dot Graphics VS knockout fighter (movie)!!!1

Fighters f*ck off one-to-one in a tawdry tournament.

You know what I never understood? Girls in fighting games
are always super cute and super vulnerable, but when they
lose, that’s the end of it.

Would a super villain who r*pes and destroys and laughs
just let things end as soon as the heroine falls over?

Here’s how a more realistic round might go!
(Bearing in mind it’s all still pixel anime fantasy.)

The full movie is 1000×750 size!
Starring 4 recognizable KOF heroines:
Ath*na, Y*ri, K*ra and El*zabeth
Each voiced and animated in losing scenarios.
Choose your character,
Left click to return to title,
Right click to remove KO text.
Enter key restarts the scene.

THIS IS NOT A GAME! It’s an anime.

File size: 89.9 MB