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Snow Night Stories – Hentai Blog

Snow Night Stories

Release Year: 2005
Genres: Historical, Straight, Bondage, Oral
Video language: Japanese

First episode
On a distant land in a village, there lived a family in which the husband was much older than his wife. Sharing the chores, they looked happy, but my wife was concerned that her husband was finishing too quickly, leaving her unhappy and unsatisfied. One night, when her husband left for the seasonal fairs, the house suddenly appeared thief. Will the wife to protect yourself against an attacker?
Second episode
During the feudal era, the military destroyed one small country. Most of the members of the royal family and relatives were killed, but the princess and her vassal Shingo escaped. However, the princess waited plight. Struggling to get away from the pursuit of the enemy, she lost sight of Shingo and was captured. If it will make all the difficulties, we will be able to ever again to see Shingo?
3rd episode
Once upon a clan lord was betrothed to the princess he loved. Her beauty and vitality subdued. Lord attachment to the princess Chiho became stronger by the day, and he did his best to prove her love. But for Chiho he was just a good lord. And one night she finally …

Total size: 461.2 MB in 3 files.