Toshin Toshi 2

Release Year: 1997
Studio: PinkPineapple
Genres: Angels, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Maids, Romance
Video language: English

n distant lands, in ancient times, the most outstanding fighter lands meet to arrange a battle. Accompanied by a beautiful partner, they test their strength on the gladiatorial arena. The winner gets the remains, including a partner defeated! But when Sid enters the tournament, he discovers the evil hidden in his heart. Soon after he was crowned champion, fatally beautiful Aquross infects his hideous disease that requires him to steal the life force of the angels, or was in constant unbearable pain.
The only help is in the insidious drug that kills the pain, but causes sexual urges that can not be denied. Now, an interim meeting of unimaginable torment and ill intense sex, Sid must defeat the evil Aquross and for all end the Divine Tournament!

File size: 1.0 GB