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True! Disgrace Battle Royale

May 2nd, 2012

Release Year: 2012


Defeated, a woman is a sex slave free to exploit!
Pound her like a human sandbag, ravish like like a carnal beast!

But lose to her even once, and your life is over!
You must win, and win, as king of the precocious whores!!

HOTTER erotica, HARDER core, RETURNING heroines
begging to be r*ped wildly in new nefarious ways!


Hisao, a friend who you’d never been too close with,
suddenly showed up with breathless takes of his reckless
foray into a world of sexual extremes.

He told you of his amazing experience…
Illegal fights with beautiful women in an underground arena
Getting directly involved in the battle royale
Freedom to completely violate the opponent if you win

It sounded unbelievable. But Hisao’s chiseled frame suggested
he’d been fighting. And if Hisao could do it, you definitely could.

“Do you wanna try?” he recommended it to you. “It’ll change your life!”

Dubiously, you accepted… and one week later you
were fit and ready…


Asuka, marital arts/schoolgirl (CV: Maria Ayane)
Ouka, female ninja (CV: Sousya)
Suzu, street fighter/schoolgirl (CV: Yuu Haichi)
Ponma, ainu power specialist/in search of her missing sister (CV: Ryo Suzuki)
Ayahime, princess/in search of revenge for her parents (CV: Yuu Haichi)
Eata, powerful cyborg girl (CV: Milk Amakawa)

+ male opponents
Muay Thai fighter, jujitsu fighter, pro wrestler, karate fighter, salary worker, thug, etc.

+ black market seller, Hisao, and protagonist (you)

File size: 754.6 MB

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