SlaveMaker 2 (H-Game)

Genre: Simulator, Flash

Developer: cmacleod42

Platform: PC

Publication Type: freeware

Censorship: None

Crack: not required

Language: English only

A kind of economic strategy in the style of hentai. You take on the role of the teacher “sex slaves” for the wealthy feudal lords. Moreover, education is almost entirely self-supporting. At the beginning of the game you choose a girl who, thanks to your efforts, then be proud to wear the title of “sex slaves” (choice of girls do you determine the level of complexity and the number of days for which you should manage to tame the “ward”). Then you are given five hundred coins out of pocket expenses and stroptivnaya zasranka from which you want to do … anything. Buying clothes and accessories, private lessons, a student rocking certain skills – all of these costs entirely on you. The game has the ability to send student work (variants of the maids at the bar before the elite prostitutes). The higher the “specialized” skills pupils, the more it will pay for each “session” work. You can also send a pupil to take lessons from a variety of courses of rhetoric to please the lessons. And after a hard day pupil to coach and train will have you pumping it again or another skill. As a result, the end of your period of study a pupil will have a certain set of skills, depending on which will be calculated ending the game.

Additional information
To play a SDK allows you to program the new girls, the requirements – Adobe Flash CS3, ActionScript 2 knowledge. So if you are good at it, and you have the desire to create a new girl / event, write in the subject, we will be happy.
The game has a cheat
If you do not have enough money right in the game, press the letter “G” in the word “GOLD”, and you will be happy

File size: 420.7 MB