Advent of the Demon King 2 -Wailing Heroine Virgin-olation-

Become the fearsome devil king who terrorizes so many kingdoms in popular JRPG games — only this time you’re assaulting them in a conquest-driven ADV + SIM style!

Expand your evil empire across the realm, taking down an all-new 13 characters from the female hero and her party to village girls, princesses and warriors.

All the girls are voiced!

Seize the towns
– Capture and build new areas.
– 3 commands: Attack, Produce, Fortify
– Normal and easy modes.
Invade and conquer territories by reducing human defenses to zero.

Assault the women
– When you gain control of areas, you unlock sex scenes.
– Ravage women with goblins, slimes, worms, orcs, cyclops, tentacles and more.
– Gangbang and virgin loss situations aplenty, even mother-daughter!

A heroine’s adventure
– The human heroine Anette sets out to defeat the demon king.
– She takes up the fire of justice to burn down evil… but you can hinder and defeat her.
– Classic turn-based combat just like the old days!
– When and how you entrap your do-good nemesis is up to the player!

File size: 625.1 MB

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