Beastly Labyrinth of the Dragon’s Cr*wn -Lost Girls in the Bakemono Haunt-

Fantasy Interspecies Sex AVG

A perverse adaptation of the fantasy action game Dragon’s Cr*wn!

A legendary treasure, the “dragon’s cr*wn”,
has the power to destroy worlds in a single night.
It exists somewhere in these ancient ruins, and wicked warlocks seek it.
A heroic party of four brave the labyrinth to stop them.

I am a lowly member of the wicked warlocks.
My ability is to control ghouls, ghosts and spirits…
It’s up to me how I dispose of the the party. They’re almost all girls!
This place is teeming with monsters I can use to humiliate them…

Vaginal and bukkake cumshots, tentacle r*pe, egg spawn, pregnancy/birth, body modding…
Mind blowing hot CG mode, hands-free, replay mode and other features!
Instant gratification with no-hassle access to erotic content!

File size: 132.6 MB