Trash Box 1, 2 (2005, 2007)

Studio: Kamiten
Genre: 3DCG, Tentacles, Group sex

Part 1: When I awoke, I was in a room where I do now know….. Here it is??? Tsubaki is in the dark room alone…. A young girl from a different world appeared from the darkness..
Part 2: Just as Coco once said, the party continued on in some basement of an unknown location. Tsubaki is helpless as tentacles entwine themselves around her, and she can do nothing but suffer her humiliation. And before long, a never before seen tentacle monster appears to come and violate Tsubaki…
Format: avi, mp4
Video: 640×480
Censorship: Yes
Language: Jap.
Subtitles: No

File size: 527.5 MB