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Spaceship Agga Ruter

September 17th, 2011

Year: 1998
Genre: Comedy, SciFi, Softcore
Series: ep. 1-4 of 4
Duration: 4 x ~ 26min
Directed by: Masaki Kajishima, Shigeru Yazaki
Studio: AIC, Beam Entertainment

Description: Taiyo and Kei some live in high-powered spaceship Agga Router. Kay Tayo raised, so he calls her mom. However, their is not very similar to the between mother and son. Kay teaches Tayo everything he needs to know, including the sexual aspects of life. One day, a charming pirate captures Dzhennis Agga Ruther, at the request of one big villain – Shiunka. However, she soon regretted his actions. Not only that Shiunk deceived her, so also this crazy couple is on its board has arranged that no tale to tell, nor pen describe. On top of that, Kaye appointed to the position of Dzhennis sex aids Tayo. That was then, and it turned out that Dzhennis not quite human … And Kay and not a man … And Agga Ruther not a spaceship. And what are they, you know, looking Spaceship Agga Ruter.

File size: 1.8 GB

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